Ted Nugent Supports The Survivor Sling. Offers Sponsorship on The Spirit of The Wild – TV Series

Cold Steel Tactical - Home of the Survivor Sling

Cold Steel Tactical was created to provide ops for the great hero warriors in the world,” states Nugent.  “Vet owned, vet operated and vet staffed in my birth state of Michigan.  Now we the people can benefit from their great product.

 “Every time I can, I hire American veterans because they just seem to always do a better job.  The Survivor Sling is a perfect example,” Nugent continued.  “I sling a lot of rifles and shotguns, and The Survivor Sling works better than any other I have used and abused over a 60+ year Sling-fest!”

When asked what makes The Survivor Sling a superior choice, Nugent elaborated, “These beauties are the ultimate in heavy duty durability, utility and comfort.  I never leave home without  The Survivor Sling.”

Ted Nugent gets behind Michigan Made gun sling

Magpul Equipped,Paracord Rifle Slings

Each Survivor Sling is equipped with a Magpul Paraclip (MAG-541) and a Push Button Quick Disconnect

“What is the purpose of a gun sling? Marching in a parade? Standing on guard like a Beef Eater? Nope! It’s all about SECURITY and SAFETY! Flexibility of use, alternative shooting style ability, Off-Hand changeover, and Keeping it on YOUR PERSON! The Bad Dude will not take a properly secured gun sling from a LIVING Wearer. With over 90 feet of #550 Type III 7 Strand cord, Interchangeable Connectors, A Bungee Core INSIDE THE BRAID! Once the Paracord is removed for EMERGENCIES, the Sling is STILL IN TACT – due to the bungee inner core. Mission Continues.”

We provide 7 options: Black, Thin Blue Line, USMC Bloodline, Coyote FDE, Ranger Green, Olive Drab, Foliage Green”