About Us

Welcome to my Humble page. My name is Thomas “Top” Lindsley. These survivor sling is the greatest, Only next to those whose hands piece them together. Employment focus on Military, 1st Responder experience preferred (or a family member of the same). And a great time doing so with my co-workers……$5 per survivor sling benefits this great group of folks.

About Ted Nugent? How did THIS Happen?!?! Back in Feb, ’17, I sent out several slings to several well known folk in the shooting area of interest. Ted got one of those. The first response, from his son, “Ted’s likely to want to use this! Please send one to his TX Address and wait for his reply. Ok…….I sent……..I waited…….several painful weeks, till we heard from his folks, (paraphrase) “Sure! I’ll do the Review! For Free! In fact, your gear is SO Awesome, I would like to offer you a Sponsorship on the Spirit of the Wild – Outdoor Channel……well”? I graciously took the offer. This relationship will include support from Teds sources AND TWO (2) featured episodes on Spirit of the Wild Outdoor Channel, 2017-2018 Thanks Uncle Ted!

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Warranty: I warrant these survivor slings for 1 year from time of purchase as follows: