About Us- The Survivor Sling story

Welcome to our humble page. The survivor sling is the greatest, only next to those whose hands piece them together. Cold Steel Tactical is a Disabled Veteran owned and founded business in the heart of the midwest in a small town in Michigan.  Our employment focus is Military servicemen and women and  First Responders the people who protect and serve our citizens and country and keep us all safe day and day out. We try to hire those that have served and their immediate families.

Why you might ask? Because who better to make such a wonderful and useful product inspired by the founder’s own military service and because they know first hand the sacrifices and skills needed to protect and serve. Their families make sacrifices too as their loved ones go off to work or to serve knowing how dangerous their profession and careers are day in and day out.

We want to make great products with great people and maybe have a great time doing so with our co-workers……hopefully without the drama and arguing at the holidays. Our staff is a small group of dedicated people who help us hand make these items for you the customer. Each step is a critical component of our business and we treat our team like family.

This company began like many others, an idea, some free time and a basement. Our founder spent years tinkering away at a design based on a friendly bet from one of his long time friends. That bet was that if he put his mind to it he could invent something useful and cool for the gun industry and the Survivor Sling was born. It’s had a few iterations, some starts and stops and lots of customer feedback along the way. We started with just paracord from the local craft store and some basic connectors to what you see today.  

We hope you like our story and our products and we hope to continue to grow into the future and see what tomorrow brings.


Staff Bios- coming soon!