Survivor Sling

Just WHAT is “The Survivor Sling” all about?

President “Top” Lindsley.   Shares the uniqueness of “The Survivor Sling”.  Tactical sling, or Hunting Sling.  Only differences between weapons  is where you hook up.

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Survivor Sling Features:

  • NOW QD Single Point Capable
  • Because this sling fits multiple missions.  With “The Survivor Sling”  You are ready for any contingency.  Single or Double adjustment from 38 to 53 inches.
  • Moreover, This simple EZ SuperSlide™ Adjuster moves like butter.  Won’t slip from the position you choose. Whats more, this modification allows quick and efficient changes.  Likewise, the webbing length is long enough for most users. Therefore, no more looking for a buckle. Grab-N-Go! As a matter of fact, if longer webbing is needed, simply contact us.   We can arrange a longer size if needed for the shipping cost only.


Ted Nugent – Spirit of the Wild TV

“Cold Steel Tactical was created to provide ops for the great hero warriors in the world, Vet owned, vet operated and vet staffed in my birth State of Michigan; Now We the People can benefit from their product.”

“Every time I can, I hire American veterans because they just seem to always do a better job. The Survivor Sling is a perfect example. I sling a lot of rifles and shotguns, and the Survivor Sling works better than any other I have used and abused over a 60+ year slingfest! These beauties are the ultimate in heavy-duty durability, utility and comfort.”

NOTE: The Survivor Sling has sponsored Ted Nugent’s TV series ‘Spirit of the Wild‘ as seen on the Outdoor Channel. Our logo appears about the middle of the page. 

Who Makes these babies?

  • Survivor Sling FeaturesAbove all, “The Survivor Sling” is HAND ASSEMBLED BY Active Duty/Veterans and First Responders and their families. Of course, a great choice.

“The Survivor Sling” ® Details here…..

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Gun Sling Mounting 101

So many times I get the pleasure of helping those just entering this great new world of Sling Mounting.  ……all of the various means by which to Connect, Function, Adapt and Utilize this great tool.  The Survivor Sling.  The Survivor sling is no different, conceptually, from ANY other Dual Use – 1 or 2 Point Firearm Sling.  Its the features that make the differences between most good quality slings that offer comfort, ease of use, and durability.  Here, we will not talk “Features”.  We will talk “Function”



A.  The Weapon.  We are talking pretty much here, Long Guns…….rifles, shot guns, whether traditional or tactical (WE will talk about that shortly).  However Submachine Guns, AR Pistol platforms will function perfectly here with the proper sling and mount configuration.  

B.  Is yours a “TACTICAL or HUNTING weapon”? I have one point here.  Both words are seamless when it comes to safety and control of a firearm.  Tactical?   Hunting?  Do not all of the aspects of Tactical, such as flexibility, toughness, convenience, ease of use and effective apply to Hunting as well?  Perfectly?  Now… is where we will discuss ALL LONG GUNS as proper for use with any good rifle sling.  Whether 1 or 2 point…….Grandpas Double Barrel will be awesome on a 2 Point rig……….think about it.

C.  Mounting Points.  “How To – Where To – With what Connector – How Many”???  Its really not that complicated.  Our suggestion on mounting points is “Multiple Places – Multiple Types”.  Location and types of connections will drive the degree of Flexibility and Versatility your sling can provide.  You give your sling some Location and Type options and you both will be happy.  Conditions, mission will drive need for optional hookup configs.  I have 4 connector points along the length of my weapon.  At one 1 Point hookup and other points to have varied 2 Point mounts as desired. 

ONLY – Sling Mounting Hardware Acessories

A brief follow here on ‘traditional weapons’ without sling connector options.  Find and become familiar with Stock and Foregrip Strap Adapters.  Awesome 2 point configs on traditional weapons with these mounted.  A MUST HAVE for standard rifle stock weapons.

Our Worldwide Outfitted Sling Testers and their thoughts.

Our Gear Outfitted shooters who will review and critique our gear and offer insights on design, utilization and performance.  Our reviews are from all over.  Feel free to reach out to them and directly ask their opinion of “The Survivor Sling”



Received 2018:  SGT Cory Hunt – SWAT Unit Commander. Contact 269-673-3899

  “We have been using Cold Steel Tactical slings for a few years now. Uniquely, Tom has been great to work with and has evolved his slings in several ways during the time we have been using them. Additionally, I have 22 years in law enforcement and 17 as a member as a member of the Allegan County SWAT team. Likewise, Tom’s slings are used by our entire team. Moreover, Tom is a local guy for us and has taken pride in making sure that our needs have been met as his local team from the very beginning of his company.

Additionally, The amount and smoothness of length adjustability makes sizing for any member of our team easy. And, the versatility of using as a one point or two point sling is perfect. To say nothing of how I also truly appreciate the that Tom is a veteran and works with other veterans, active duty military and first responders. Great product.”


________________________________________________________________________Instagram Contact @Thehighlandhellhounds  Scotland


August 19, 2018 – 

” Hey my name is Andrew and I’m from Scotland my local site is a woodland. Previous to the survivor sling I used a single point viper sling. The survivor sling is great quality and good value and I would recommend it to anyone with it’s lifetime warranty. I use the survivor sling on my m4 Katana in a two point fashion as the quick adjustment…….

Allows me to pull the m4 tight into my shoulder for excellent support. The survivor sling is comfortable strong and the choice of attachments make it very universal. All round great product.”





Instgram Contact @skinnybitch._  Member of @25thmountianeers Airsoft Team Member – Belgium…..

Input to be posted soon.




Instagram Contact @Rebelaxa  Belgium Airsofter  ? Airsoft girlpower ?ICS Captain 2018 ??5% discount REBELAXA ?sponsored by @jeff_repairsoft@longbowbb 10%:

Input Received August 2018

– very great quality

– handy in every way to use (easy to use as you want)

– many custom possibilities for attaching an airsoft gun to it

– durable materials 

– custom color





Instagram Contact @ashlieghrgass – Florida, USA.  3 Gun Competitor and CSCS.MS. Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN)&(CNS) Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN) MS.HumanNutrition. SLICE GymnasticBodies Florida  Info @

Input Coming Soon.




Youtube Review.  Updates will follow




Member of Massachusetts Women gun Owners.  Contact @acaciatree regarding The Survivor Sling questions



What should I expect from “The Survivor Sling”?

General Usage Conversation re:  Veteran Made Gun Slings

Veteran Made Gun Slings……..Just what should your sling be able to do? Well, carry your firearm……..right? At least, yes. Accomplishment of that goal required several functional aspects that should be available on ANY good gun sling……..ours included.  These are veteran made gun slings

Single Point? Dual Point? Three (3) Point? Which one can be complexing to the new shooter. Truth is, just exactly ‘how’ one wears a sling will be determined by the shooter, as to the precise aspects of expectation, function and wearability. Whether or now to go with any of the three options here is a personal……..mission specific……..and shooter ability in determining 1, 2 or 3 points of attachment. Try them all. Find your “Zone”…….

Single Point Sling adjustment. Typically, a Single Point Sling are best sized with the expected gear that will be worn in the upcoming use. Packs, vests, armor etc will effect your sizing. Adjust your sling while wearing “Your Kit”. This configuration should be able to be drawn to shoot via preferred LEFT/RIGHT Hand, AND be able to switch position from Left Shoulder to Right Shoulder – WITHOUT Changing hand position. Try it……A very valuable skill, and your sling must be able to do such.

2 Point Sling adjustment.

veteran made gun slings –  1 point sling & 2 point sling

1 Point Sling adjustment.

Maximize the Bungee. When the Special Need to have an increased degree of stability with this sling, adjust thusly. Advised to attach 2 point with Main Connector to the aft (Stock) and the Webbing Connector (other end) forward on side or top of barrel/hand guard region. With the shooting hand alone, draw the weapon to a shoulder firing position. With the other hand, grapes the EZ Adjuster Handle and “DIAL IN” the needed resistance. You may have to size down the length of the webbing in order to achieve this support.

Left Right Transition. Traditional two point will allow the user to drape the firearm across the chest, while maintaining “Near Battery” Position. (Battery – A Near Ready Position to Fire). Generally worn loosely, this configuration should be able to be drawn to shoot via preferred LEFT/RIGHT Hand, AND be able to switch position from Left Shoulder to Right Shoulder – WITHOUT Changing hand position. Try it……A very valuable skill, and your sling must be able to do such.

Inside out? No such thing, however, when worn properly, the EX Adjuster Handle loop should be facing toward the Outside. Thus available for grasping.

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Army Air Force Exchange Service Worldwide

Army Air Force Exchange Service Worldwide

Effective October 27, 2017, The Survivor Sling appeared in Army Air Force Exchange Service Worldwide, in the Clothing Sales stores at many Active Duty Locations, around the world.

The oldest and the largest of the Department of Defense‘s exchange services and in addition to their retail support for the military, therefore, Exchange also outfits troops with combat uniforms below cost[3], and serves approximately 3.2 million discounted school lunches per year for children attending Department of Defense Schools overseas

Current AAFES Store Locations 

Ft Bliss TX .                                         Fort Benning GA. Also

Ft Bragg NC.                                       Fort Sam Houston TX. and 

Hunter AAF/ Ft Stewart GA               Camp Erdel (Vincenza Italy).

Camp Humphreys (DMZ Korea).       Fort Jackson SC.

Ft Leonard Wood Kansas.                Camp Buehring Kuwait.

Fort Carson CO.                                     Ft Belvior VA.

Fort Riley KS.

Veterans building Gun Slings for AAFES is to say “Built for Those Who Serve, by Those Who Have Served”. 

We take the issue of providing Combat Slings to Combat Soldiers.  We Commit to Excellence, for those who Strive for Freedom.

Even EMERGENCY SURVIVAL usage is covered in the Lifetime Warrantee. Where else have you seen that?!?!? 

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Survival Use Repair

Survival Use Repair

So.  It happened……You had an emergency and your life, or someone else was in the balance.  You needed some of the resources from The Survivor Sling.  Whether the paracord, the bungee or strapage.  You HAD to take is apart and use it for Survival.

Comforting to know, that The Survivor Sling is protected against the UNFORTUNATE NEED to have to take parts for other use, but you WILL HAVE IT REBUILT, by us…….

How to Repair your Sling after an emergency.

The following slides show the steps for removing paracord from the weave, and, mending the remains as to continue to provide a functional sling.  Follow these steps and breath free……your sling will come back to life again.

Sling before Surgery

Sever Paracord at D Ring, at Webbing End of sling.

Unravel enough for Emergency Use PLUS enough to reach past the D Ring for tying off.  Survival Use Repair

Make a Square Knot at end of Braided Cord – Survival Use Repair

Run Ends of Paracord THRU D-RING.  This assures the cord will not slide too far.  Survival Use Repair


Burn Seal Paracord Ends

Reassemble Strap end. 

Mail Remains In To Us.

Once we receive your sling, ALONG with some Video, Photos and Text telling the  story, we will REBUILD YOUR SLING for Free!

Allegan County SWAT Outfitted with The Survivor Sling

SWAT Team Outfitter

SWAT Team Outfitter

We have been the S.W.A.T Outfitter for Allegan County SWAT Unit since 2015.   Cold Steel Tactical was asked to work up some ideas for the Allegan County SWAT Unit in Allegan, MI.  Additionally, 15 Members of this team were outfitted with The Survivor Sling in May of that year.

Therefore, The Team has been instrumental in offering product usage and improvement ideas. Their help has contributed greatly to the over all success of The Survivor Sling.

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COLD STEEL TACTICAL joins forces with Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild to offer The SURVIVOR SLINGS

Thomas “Top” Lindsley, President – Cold Steel Tactical shaking hands with Ted Nugent, Motor City Madman – Spirit of The Wild (Outdoor Channel)
Photo courtesy of: Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild

Allegan, MI – Cold Steel Tactical announced they have joined forces with American Hunting Icon TED NUGENT via his top-rated Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild television show on Outdoor Channel.

The Survivor Sling, via Cold Steel Tactical, Inc (an innovative new design in paracord gun slings) will be featured on upcoming episodes of the award-winning show. And Nugent is proud to be working with this veteran-owned company.

Disabled Vet Owned, Staffed and operated by Vets/First Responders, and families

Ted Nugent:  “Cold Steel Tactical was created to provide ops for the great hero warriors in the world,” states Nugent. “Vet owned, vet operated and vet staffed in my birth state of Michigan. Now we the people can benefit from their great product.

“Every time I can, I hire American veterans because they just seem to always do a better job. The Survivor Sling is a perfect example,” Nugent continued. “I sling a lot of rifles and shotguns, and The Survivor Sling works better than any other I have used and abused over a 60+ year Sling-fest!”

When asked what makes The Survivor Sling a superior choice, Nugent elaborated, “These beauties are the ultimate in heavy duty durability, utility and comfort. I never leave home without The Survivor Sling.”

SOTW Partner and Sponsor COLD STEEL TACTICAL Releases the “Master Gunner” Edition of The Survivor Sling


Jackson, MI – Spirit of the Wild – Seen on the Outdoor Channel, announced the release of a sponsors innovative new Gun Sling design. Their “Master Gunner” Edition of The Survivor Sling, paracord rifle sling series.


See the Video – As seen on Spirit of the Wild – March 20 2018.

As seen on Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild On Outdoor Channel March 20. 8:30 EasternMore info at ColdSteelTactical.ComWish us luck Share the link, please.

Posted by The Survivor Sling via on Tuesday, March 20, 2018



The Master Gunner Edition enhancements include:

– Beefier Padding
– 2 Interchangeable Connectors AT EACH END
– Additional length of 3/8 Shock Cord for strength
– And a Lifetime Warrantee that includes Emergency
– use for Survival needs
– AVAILABLE AT Army and Air Force Base
– Stores Worldwide.

“We who know and appreciate that freedom is not free thank our BloodBrothers at Cold Steel Tactical from the bottom of our free hearts for their years of service and sacrifice.”  – Ted Nugent

EMERGENCY Use for Survival Covered in Lifetime Warrantee….if any of the materials in this sling are needed for Survival Situation, owner simply report the tale, offer video/Photo/Text and send it in……We will REBUILD it for FREE.

The result, is a rifle sling that is Heirloom Quality and may save your life…….time and again……making it the best AR sling. Cold Steel Tactical is a Sling Outfitter to The US Army & Air Force Exchange Service worldwide. 
Disabled Vet Owned, Staffed and operated by Vets/First Responders, and families 
When asked what makes The Survivor Sling a superior choice? Nugent elaborated, “These beauties are the ultimate in heavy duty durability, utility and comfort. I never leave home without The Survivor Sling.”

For more information, visit

Contact: Thomas J. Lindsley, First Sergeant U.S. Cavalry, Retired, President – Cold Steel Tactical Inc, E: P: (616)813-5405

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