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Here at Cold Steel Tactical we would like to recognize our Favorite Links.
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Ted Nugent – Spirit of the Wild

The Nugent family lives the ultimate hands-on conservation American Dream as hunters, fishers & trappers, truly connecting with Good Mother Earth as the mystical source for our quality of life. Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild TV celebrates this self-evident truth. Viewers overwhelmingly laud the program’s believability and down to earth connections as presented by the personality and passion of Ted’s hands-on entertaining hunting lifestyle.

Operation Injured Soldiers

Operation Injured Soldiers is a tax exempt, Nonprofit organization founded in 2005. We provide recreation opportunities to wounded military veterans of all eras as a “Thank You” for their service, and to aid in the recovery from physical and emotional injuries sustained during conflict deployments. We know that it is important to help our disabled heroes get back to doing sports and hobbies they enjoyed before being deployed. Our role is to provide events and places where disabled veterans from all wars can enjoy camaraderie of others.

Operation Injured Soldiers.

United States Army Brotherhood of the Tankers

The United States Brotherhood of Tankers USABOT (pronounced “you-say-bo”) is the very embodiment of the Tanker Brotherhood. We take care of our own. We remember and share our experiences and knowledge. We seek to capture and preserve our History and Heritage. We revere and honor those who have given so much in service of our country. We seek to inform the general public about US Army Tanker Heritage and its important place in History. Above all, we remain TANKERS!