Survival Use Repair

Survival Use Repair

So.  It happened……You had an emergency and your life, or someone else was in the balance.  You needed some of the resources from The Survivor Sling.  Whether the paracord, the bungee or strapage.  You HAD to take is apart and use it for Survival.

Comforting to know, that The Survivor Sling is protected against the UNFORTUNATE NEED to have to take parts for other use, but you WILL HAVE IT REBUILT, by us…….

How to Repair your Sling after an emergency.

The following slides show the steps for removing paracord from the weave, and, mending the remains as to continue to provide a functional sling.  Follow these steps and breath free……your sling will come back to life again.

Sling before Surgery

Sever Paracord at D Ring, at Webbing End of sling.

Unravel enough for Emergency Use PLUS enough to reach past the D Ring for tying off.  Survival Use Repair

Make a Square Knot at end of Braided Cord – Survival Use Repair

Run Ends of Paracord THRU D-RING.  This assures the cord will not slide too far.  Survival Use Repair


Burn Seal Paracord Ends

Reassemble Strap end. 

Mail Remains In To Us.

Once we receive your sling, ALONG with some Video, Photos and Text telling the  story, we will REBUILD YOUR SLING for Free!

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