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Featuring Lifetime WARRANTY on Workmanship and Parts AND EMERGENCY USE OF PARACORD.

THE SURVIVAL SLING FEATURES, WARRANTY!!!  Have an emergency? And, if you need your cord to survive? What more, Tell us the story. With photo/video/text. Mail it to us and we will REPLACE it for free.

Survivor Sling Features

  • 2 Point Capable Even WITH Push Button Swivels….
  • This sling fits multiple missions.  Single/Dual Point configuration.  Single or Double adjustment from 38 to 53 inches.
  • Moreover, This simple EZ SuperSlide™ Adjuster moves like butter but won’t slip.   Whats more, this modification allows quick and efficient changes from 1 to 2 Point. The webbing length is long enough for most users to simply adjust. Therefore, No more looking for a buckle. Grab-N-Go! Additionally, if longer webbing is needed, simply contact us.

Who Makes these babies?

  • Survivor Sling FeaturesHAND ASSEMBLED BY Active Duty/Veterans and First Responders and their families. Of course, a great choice.
  • Approx 3 Inches Width! Worthy of use on M-249 SAW, as well as M-240 7.62 Machine-guns.
  • Comes Complete with 4 Connectors and QD Buckles at EACH END!
  • Not to mention, Inside this special braid of #550 Mil-Spec 7-Strand cord are 3 Strands of 3/8 Inch Bungee, further, Beneficial when humping an M–240 or an M-249 SAW (See Combat Review 2015 via Afghanistan)
  • Additionally, Over 95 feet of #550 MilSpec Paracord.  Paracord braid strength approx 1,000#. (Based upon strength of the webbing). Use ANY amount of the paracord from this sling for an emergency.   The SLING REMAINS FUNCTIONAL! Not to mention, the Bungee Core allows the sling to function AFTER the CORD IS REMOVED!
  • Approx 6 Feet of 3/8 inch bungee for absolute emergencies as well as comfort.
  • High Quality 17337 MilSpec Webbing offers the reliability of quality materials.
  • MOUNTING FRONT/REAR – Accepts receivers, and end plates.  Also, stocks that have a QD receiver or loop for one/two point attachments.
  • Survivor Sling Features are many and awesome.

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